Waffle Wednesday!

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Happy Waffle Wednesday everyone! I hope this finds you doing well and having already eaten a delicious waffle of your own. I must say that it’s another lovely and absolutely gorgeous day here in the Northwest. The Portland-esque weather we should be experiencing (i.e. 50 and 60 degree chills with a frequent mix of rain and mist) is holding off for the time being and we still seem to be riding the summer wave. This whole week we’re staying in the 70 and 80 degree range, so no complaints here. There will be plenty of rain in our near future though, I’m almost certain.

Oh how I’ve digressed. Let’s get back to waffle business, shall we? Although this delicious mid-week treat is a brilliant idea, I cannot claim it as my own. It is the genius of Susan, who has a fabulous blog that you can find here.

Another note: I actually got the inspiration to do Wednesday Waffle from Heather who had mentioned Susan’s idea on her blog a few days ago. Heather also has a fantastic blog that I just started following. Be sure to check it out if you have time as she has an impressive list of delicious and healthy recipes that I am very much looking forward to cooking my way through.

And yet another note: I borrowed the actual recipe for this Waffle Wednesday from Sarena over at the Non-Dairy Queen (such a cute name, huh?) who, for the record, also makes a killer banana oatmeal peanut butter oatmeal waffle that you must try (recipe at the bottom of this post). Because what, my friends, could possibly be bad about a banana oatmeal peanut butter waffle? Let me answer that: nothing. In fact, I would even argue that the only thing that might enhance this already near-perfect concoction would be a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup on top (which I will very likely try. soon.).

I followed Sarena’s recipe closely but subbed regular flour for peanut flour since I didn’t have any on hand. And, here’s how my waffle came out!

Dense, oaty and delicious.

Because I am an indecisive person who is also a chronic mixer, I put a little bit of butter and maple syrup on one half and topped the other half with Trader Joe’s crunchy peanut butter, flax seed, banana slices and honey. YUM! This recipe was an official success.

If you partook in Waffle Wednesday, what kind did you have? What is your favorite type of waffle? Soft or crispy? Buttermilk or wheat? Plain or with toppings? I think my ultimate waffle would be a slightly crispy buttermilk waffle with butter and maple syrup on one quarter, peanut butter banana and honey on another quarter, and fresh berries with whipped cream on the other half. Wow, I’m making myself hungry again. Perhaps I’ll try that dreamy combo next week…. and I hope you’ll join me then and have a waffle of your own.

Alright that does it for me friends. Have a wonderful rest of the day and I hope to see you back tomorrow.

-Dana : )

Sarena’s Banana Oatmeal Peanut Butter Waffles

1 c oatmeal (quick cooking or rolled oats blended a little bit)

1 banana mashed

1/4 c peanut butter (or 1/4 c peanut flour)

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

8 Tbsp water (or 12 TBSP if using peanut flour)

(2 Tbsp sweetener of your choice if using flour)

Mix and cook according to your machine’s directions.


  1. Yayyy! Happy Waffle Wednesday!!! I actually could not celebrate today, so I’m happy you’re carrying on the tradition for me. That waffle recipe looks uh-mazing. While I usually do protein waffles, I must admit my favourite way to have them is an old-school Eggo with butter and maple syrup in every single square ;)

    • Nice….I was on an Eggo kick for a while and I would douse them in peanut butter, banana slices, flax seed and honey. Try it that way sometime! They’re so good : ) Thanks for your comment. I always love it when fellow bloggers stop by and say hi!

  2. Looks like I will have waffle Wednesday on Thursday. This recipe looks awesome. I woke up this morning thinking today was your Waffle Wednesday and but no time to make waffles myself. If I had, I would of made – what else peanut butter and bananas! And now here is this fabulous recipe. Thanks Dana! I usually have peanut butter and a fruit flavored syrup – boysenberry or blueberry just for the record. Peanut butter is my favorite breakfast treat and I too eat Trader Joe’s Crunchy!

    • Hey, in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with having waffle wednesday on thursday. I may have a waffle tomorrow myself! Good idea : ) I’m glad you liked the banana/peanut butter combo. It never fails me…so delicious. And I’m excited to hear that you too are a fan of Trader’s crunchy PB. It’s the best PB I’ve tasted by far. Have you ever tried almond butter or sunflower seed butter? I like those as well. Thanks for stopping by auntie! It means so much : )

      • Yes I have tried them all and Cashew butter also. I am a nut spread fan. I also like Laura Scudder’s saltless peanut butter – crunchy of course. Sadie and Cooper like both also! Well I have to admit I still didn’t get those waffles made today – but they are on the horizon. May have to be a wknd. affair!

        • Waffles are a perfect weekend affair. I say go for it and make it a breakfast date for you and Tom : ) Take pictures and email them to me so I can see what you come up with!
          That’s funny the Sadie and Cooper like peanut butter. Mia really doesn’t care for it, which is weird because everyone else I know says their dogs love peanut butter, too. What gives?

  3. I was super excited to wake up this morning! I even got the inspiration to take some pictures like I would if I were writing a blog, alas I am not. But they are on facebook to see :) I had no special recipe to use, just the classic Bisquick waffle mix to make my delicious waffles, and I added a handful of oats. I topped it off with butter (made out of yogurt, its delicious) and a blueberry syrup. So good! The leftover batter was so kindly donated to my sister, who enjoyed Waffle Wednesdays and your blog. Thanks for inviting me to your waffle delight!

    • Yay! Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing. Blueberry syrup sounds delish on waffles! I’ll have to try that. Next Wednesday I’ll try and share a new recipe and of course, more photos : ) Hope you join me again next week friend! OH, and thank you for the sweet post card you sent me! I just got it a day or so ago and REALLY loved it. You’re so thoughtful. Hugs, Dana : )


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