Vegan Hot Fudge & Chocolate Sauce

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OK so, how much do you love hot fudge?

If your answer is ‘I don’t like hot fudge,’ then we really shouldn’t be friends.
I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t like hot fudge?

Anyways, that’s beside the point.



Back to the point: hot fudge is awesome sauce.
No literally, this hot fudge is “awesomesauce,” as named by its creator, Meg the Boho Mama.
Mother to two adorable twins – Ruthie and Afton.
Love that lady.
Love this sauce.
You, will, too.



So readers of my blog know I’ve been on a serious simple kick that has weened most of my ingredient lists down to a limited number of items. And this, in my opinion, is awesome. I mean, who wants to use 20 ingredients when they can use 10 – and even better if they’re healthy.

Am I right. I mean, am I right?!



Speaking of simple, this sauce only has five ingredients. Count e’m FIVE: coconut milk, cocoa powder, sugar, salt and vanilla. That’s it. Another perk? It’s completely vegan and way healtheir than your traditional hot fudge sauce, loaded with butter, melted chocolate and who knows what else.

But the best part? This sauce tastes exactly the same as the other stuff – perhaps even better. Yeah, I said it.



Vegan Hot Fudge and Chocolate Sauce
yields 1 jar | adapted from bohomama  

1 c full-fat coconut milk
1/3 – 1/2 c cocoa powder
5 T sugar or other sweetener (or to taste)
1/2 t vanilla extract
pinch of salt

Method | Heat the coconut milk and cocoa powder in a saucepan or a double boiler over medium heat to combine. Whisk in sugar, vanilla and salt. Pour into heat-safe container – like a pyrex bowl – to cool. Once it’s cooled, transfer into a glass jar and store in the fridge for up to a month. Pour on top of ice cream, fruit or eat straight from le jar.



Friends, I can’t even tell yo how awesome this sauce is.
It’s creamy, chocolatey and oh-so fudgy.

It really does taste like hot fudge, but more sophisticated, which is a step up in my humble opinion.



I wasted no time pouring this over a delicious bowl of *cookie dough* *cough* ice cream. But if you’re strictly vegan, put this over soy or coconut ice cream for an equally delicious treat. I haven’t tried it with the vegan variety yet but will surely do so in the future.

All I know is this sauce is delicious.
Try it for yourself. Yo.




xo, Dana.



  1. This sounds amazing! I bet it’s great with the coconut addition! Can’t wait to try this out–thanks for sharing, Dana!

  2. Holy yum is all I have to say. This combines some of my favorite ingredients to make one of my favorite things.

  3. Pinned it:)

  4. I plan to make this immediately. And then eat it immediately. Perhaps over brownie sundaes :)

  5. Yay! so glad you posted this, i cant wait to make it for my dad. father’s day: check.

  6. wow, only 5 ingredients! Can’t wait to try. Pinned!

  7. Oh Dana that just looks delicious! And only five ingredients too. On top of vanilla ice cream that would just be amazing. You have given me an enormous craving now :-P

  8. FYI, I just made this and all I had was light coconut milk. I also used maple syrup (100%, not the fake stuff!) to sweeten instead of sugar and it came out fantastic! Thanks so much for the recipe.

  9. Brilliant idea with the coconut milk! I made this & had a problem with it thickening up. Suggestions?

    • it should thicken up in the fridge. Another tip is to use high-quality coconut milk – pay the extra 75 cents for the premium brand, it’s worth it and less watery.

  10. Awesome! Patience definitely paid off. Thickened up nicely overnight in the fridge. Got rave reviews at the birthday party!

  11. Oh wow. As a vegan I thought my choc fudge days were long gone! But no! I just poured this magical stuff over my pancakes and it was like I was eating heaven!! THANK YOU!!! Xx

  12. Hello! First time visitor and I’ve got a question about the coconut milk. Does the “c” stand for can or cup? Is the coconut flavor strong? We aren’t fans of coconut but I’ve used coconut oil (or was it butter?) to make vegan chocolate (and chocolate mint) truffles for my husband and they were wonderful (not an overpowering coconut flavor). I just want to know what to expect.

    Thanks so much,

  13. I used rice milk bc I didn’t have coconut, perhaps coconut is thicker but I added 2 T of cornstarch to make it more like hot fudge. Otherwise it was hot chocolate (but still delicious!)

  14. Wonderful recipe! Tried it a little over a week ago and am hooked. Buy plain vanilla soy ice-cream now and add this sauce and some almonds and am in heaven :-)

    Any suggestions for a vegan milk chocolate?

  15. Hey I don’t use sugar in things so I used a sub which made this EVEN MORE AWESOME! I used 4-5 good sized room temp medjool dates instead :) all I did was blend the coconut milk and the dates before the milk went in the pan and then just omitted the sugar. Otherwise followed the recipe to a tee and it was AMAZING! The dates added a caramel taste to this choc fudge sauce. Way too good!

  16. I made this last week and stored it in the fridge. Making more tonight because it is WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!! I use Xylitol, Coconut sugar & Stevia to sweeten it. Best recipe ever for a healthier chocolate sauce


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