Vacay part 4: the pants.

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Hey friends. Hope you’re well. In case you missed any recent posts, I’ve been recapping John and I’s vacation last week. If you need to catch up here are parts 1, 2 and 3.

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So today is part 4 of my recap. We were in Wichita this day and did a lot of running around, but it was lots o’ fun. If I remember right we slept in a bit because we stayed up pretty late the night before.

I nourished my starving bones in the morning with some oatmeal, sliced banana and slivered almonds. I have been loving this simple combo lately.

And then I literally drank 5 cups of coffee that went unpictured. John’s home-roasted beans are so good I just can’t get enough. Two or even three cups don’t satisfy my appetite. I need like 4 or 5. I guess that’s called an addiction, but I don’t want to talk about that right now. Moving on.

I sprankled some baby powder in my hair to avoid taking a shower and then we drove to meet my mom for lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant called Bella Luna. If you’re ever in Wichita for whatever reason, this is definitely a place to visit. It has a spot-on menu that has never disappointed me in the dozens of times I’ve gone. Their hummus is perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Ya, I said it.

For my meal I just had a hummus plate and a salad, which was uber filling and tasty. I also took a little bite of John’s chicken shawarma sandwich and it didn’t disappoint either.

After lunch we took a few pics and then did some shopping around the area.

My mom is probably the cutest. Yes, yes she is.

And my husband, too.

Our first stop was the Gap – one of my all-time favorite stores. I love how simple and ‘Americana’ their clothing is. I can always find something there that I like.

This particular trip proved to be largely successful as  I found two pairs of pants that fit me like a glove, and they were on the super cheap. The first were these dark blue bootcut skinny jeans that were only $9.

And the other were these high-waisted flare leg white trousers that had the perfect amount of stretch to them. And get this, they were only 10 DOLLA.

My pink toes are engulfed in white flare and I am loving every second of it. [happy dance]

Our next stop was Green Acres market which is probably my favorite health food store in Wichita. It’s clean, extremely-well stocked and I’ve been there so many times that the staff pretty much knows me by name.

On this particular trip I had a couple coupons and a gift card to use up so I got quite the loot, starting with a cranberry kombucha.

These things are amazing, delicious, super healthy and seriously addicting. If I had $3.65 to drop left and right I’d have one of these every single day. Mark my word.


My other goods included two boxes of Cascadian Farms cereal, some Late July multigrain sea salt tortilla chips, and…

…what’s that little mysterious yellow bag at the bottom?

Why, that’s nutritional yeast of course! You can use it in a number of ways. It has tons of nutrients and can be sprinkled on top of dishes to give it a “cheesey” flavor.

You can also use it to make faux cheese sauces, which in the vegan world are known as cheeze sauces. You can find a good recipe here in case you’re interested/curious/appalled.

I plan to try the above recipe soon and will be sure to share how that goes.

Our next stop, after saying goodbye to mom, was Banana Repub. John was mostly looking for some corduroys or khakis but didn’t have any luck. But, I did spot these beauties while wandering around and coveted them for a moment.

Then I walked away slowly, dragging my feet, moping since I couldn’t justify them as a reasonable purchase. Sigh…

After one seriousy successul lunch and shopping trip, it was time to head back to Jamin and Lisa’s to make dinner.

Lisa did a lovely job of preparing baked chicken, sweet potato and wild rice.

The steam was still coming off my plate when I took this picture. It was sooooooo good. Simply seasoned and perfectly prepared. I was impressed.

We had a little white wine along with dinner. And after I got back from a quick coffee date with a friend, I poured another glass and dropped in a couple slices of Colorado peach. This proved to be a good idea.

The rest of the evening was spent just visiting and relaxing. I wish we could spend every night like this with good friends. It was so wonderful and rejuvenating.

Yes, Lisa is a Real Simple fan, too. I told you she’s the best.
And that does it for day 4. Check back in tomorrow for the rest. I’m trying to squeeze two days into 1 post to keep things more concise. Wish me luck.
Favorite kind of wine: I have been digging on Malbecs lately, but I’d never turn down a glass of merlot or pinot grigio.
Have you had any awesome shopping finds lately?


  1. Looove the white pants, and the white skirt! Looks like white on the bottom is just the way to go.

    My most recent amazing shopping find was a pair of brown pants for work at Charlotte Russe, thought they’d be $30 and they turned out to be $10! Amazing!

  2. I want white pants now! lol

    Favorite wine = fruity and sparkling!

  3. The pants are great but back up. Let’s talk about that skirt! That white skirt rocks! Lovin’ it. Your eats from the grocery store look amazing too. Let us know how those chips taste!

    • the chips are DELISH! Not too salty or greasy at all. Actually quite perfect for scooping up salsa and black beans. I approve!

  4. Your mom is the cutest! Also, can you shop FOR me? I hate shopping so much, but I love all of your clothes. Just take another vacation to come visit me and I’ll set you loose with my credit card (shhh, don’t tell Meeker).

    Also, cosmic cranberry kombucha is my fave. I have one in the fridge waiting for me right now.

    • DEAL! I’d shop for you any day! You have the cutest post-baby bod I’ve ever seen!

      kombucha for the win.

  5. I love Bella Luna–their hummus is amazing and I get the Fattoush salad every time I go.

  6. Love those jeans, they fit you so well!
    I love sweeter white wines, like riesling…yum!

  7. Well it looks like you had a fabulous holiday!
    I love both pairs of jeans, you look great in them :-)
    I’ve had several good shopping finds recently, a cute jumper dress, a daring(!) bodycon dress and some pretty pumps!

    • I saw your shopping finds on your blog, Sophie. And I must say that I loved them all! Especially the dresses!

  8. ok girl you are selling me on the baby powder. i don’t understand how it does not make it look like your hair snorted coke but since you’re a blonde and i’m a blonde, i think i should have the same results as you so i’m gonna try it.

    also, malbec? hi-five.

    • malbec for the win. and let me know how the baby powder goes. “It’s easy mmmkaaaaaaay?”

  9. ten dolla holla!!! :) Pretty sure I laughed out loud at the RAWR. Love you!

    • Love you too, lady!

  10. I had the same luck at the Gap recently too! Gotta love those deals!

  11. Loving your posts about your vacay! The pants are super cute and even better that they were cheap-o! We know how to bargain shop, it’s in our blood. I’m constantly on the prowl for good deals…just picked up 5 onesies for $5 at Babies R Us for Cameron, original price $24! Also would like to recommend that you try an orange muscat wine, sweet and refreshing. I think the wine is called Electra and it has an angel on the bottle, simply heavenly!

    • I love you sis! You’re the best. John and I will have to check out that wine! It sounds awesome! We’re always up for trying a new bevvy :D Can’t wait to see you and Cam this weekend! Yay!

  12. Total pants score!!! :)