Tony the pasta noodle.

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First off. Moby’s 1999 hit “Southside” featuring Gwen Stefani may be the most embarrassing song to try and sing if you don’t know the words.


I know this because I tried to do so on a recent road trip and made a total fool of myself in the process. Just when I thought I’d figured it out which “side” they were going to, they’d change it to “north side” and I’d look like an idiot.

In the words of Homer Simpson, “D’OH!”


Second off.

I made Jessica’s Creamy Caprese Pasta a couple nights back and it was quite delightful.

I just realized my garlic bread looked like a handlebar mustache. Ha. How very Portland of it.

John and I both approved of this dish and agreed that it will be making more appearances in our kitchen in the future.

I followed the recipe exactly, however didn’t have access to good quality fresh basil so I subbed dried. But that’s what I get for living in the middle of nowhere Topeka, Kansas. “D’OH!”

This is a noodle I just named Tony.

You know, the one staring you in the face right now? I believe in this photo he was saying something very Italian like, “Hey, I’m Toniiiiii. Whatchoo doin’ lay-ta sweetHAaaart! You wanna get dinna or somethin’?”

I later ate Tony. And that is where this story ends.

Jessica’s recipe was spot on, and was only enhanced only by a glass of red wine…

… an evening bike ride (which came to an abrupt halt after encountering and very likely swallowing an alarming numbing of bugs), and a very farm girl-sized ice cream cone.

Chocolate chip cookie dough. You never disappoint. Never.


Third off.

This book is great.

If you’re an aspiring writer – or just want to write better –  I suggest you read it, preferably while drinking a latte. It’s a good activity choice.


Fourth off.

I’ve been feeling a little puny the last couple evenings and I can’t quite pinpoint the cause. All I know is that it seems to come on a couple hours after I work out. I haven’t been doing anything different as far as exercise routine or diet goes so I don’t know what the problem is.

As a result I’ve decided to take the next couple days off from working out to see if I’ve just been overdoing it. That’s probably the issue since I’m such a busy body all the time and hate to skip workouts even when I’m not feeling great. Someday, I’ll learn…maybe.

The good news is, the downtime has allowed me to spawn some pretty profound thoughts, which, once writing down in my journal, made me chuckle. And so, I thought I’d share a few of those thoughts with you right now.

You may laugh. You may not. Either way, we’re doing this. Here goes.


“This sucks.”

“I hate being sick.”

“When debilitated, I pray more.”

“I like stretchy pants.”

“My stomach is a pansy.”

“I better at least lose some weight out of this ordeal.”


Do note: that’s tea, not beer, just in case you were getting ready to point a grubby judgmental finger at me for consuming alcohol around what appears to be the noon hour.

So, there. Glad we cleared that up.


alright, that’s all for now.

hope to see you again soon.




Do you ever give your food names, make it imaginary talk, and then feel slightly sad after eating it? Don’t tell me I’m the only one.

What’s piquing your interest this week? Artsy things, writing and fried food.

Obsession of the moment. Ice cream, but that’s nothing new.






  1. You might be the only one… :)

    Interest of the day: NEW JOB! This summer might actually be far less boring than I had thought.


  2. “My stomach is a pansy” hahaha. loved the wording on that.

    Do you ever give your food names, make it imaginary talk, and then feel slightly sad after eating it? Haha, nope–can’t say that I name my food….yet! Maybe things will change today. I’ve named other things though…my mac is Mac Attack, and my PC (piece of crap) is happy the lappy

    What’s piquing your interest this week? Adele, iced coffees x2, lilacs in full bloom!

    Obsession of the moment. Smoothies for 2 out of the 3 meals each day…I just can’t seem to get enough of their cold, fruity goodness.

    • “Happy the Lappy” :D. That made me smile.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling the best. Try doing 10 minutes of yoga each morning, and a hot bath. Relaxing is the best medicine :)

    Interest: finding a chocolate cake recipe for make for my girls bday party. I cannot find a good one to do from scratch. I refuse to buy the box or buy a premade cake. I’m losing my mind!

    Obsession: cleaning, clearing, throwing, packing

    • Great recommendation. A hot bath in the morning and yoga sound like the perfect remedy. Thanks for sharing!
      I don’t have any great chocolate cake recipes or else I’d share one. But I’m sure if you search some other blogs, like maybe How Sweet Eats, you’ll find something in no time! Have a great weekend Kristen!

  4. I actually don’t think I’ve ever named food before but it sounds like something I’d do:) I am also obsessed with ice cream as usual-but I’ve currently become really into trying Ben and Jerry’s new and limited edition flavors. They give you a sense of urgency to try their flavors because if you see if once who knows if you’ll ever find it again?

  5. Wow — that caprese pasta looks amazing! Since my sister and I share an obsessive love for all things mozzarella, tomato, and basil, I am putting that on my “to make” list NOW!

    Feel better, dear! Treat yourself to an afternoon of nothing but chick-flicks, girly magazines, and ice cream. You deserve it :)

  6. I always play this game when I am eating cereal, that I am the big “Godzilla”-type monster and the pieces of cereal are trying their hardest to avoid being eaten. Several sacrifice their lives because they would rather be eaten than live their lives away from their loved ones. Very odd game I must say, but my belly ends up happy :)

    • Ha! That’s great. I don’t feel like a total loaner now. I’ll have to try the Godzilla role sometime, perhaps on my cereal :D.

  7. The pasta dish looks delicious! Jessica has some great recipes!!

    I don’t think I’ve ever given my food a name before!??!?

    I am loving summer foods lately: fresh fruit, iced tea/coffee, BBQ foods, etc.