The Oil Cleansing Method & How to Minimize Blackheads

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This summer I shared my new hair cleansing routine, the No-Poo Method as well as my recipe for super cheap (read: pennies per load) homemade laundry soap. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m still practicing at least one out of the two: The Homemade Laundry Soap lives on and is working quite well for us. John has even mentioned how fresh and clean our clothes have been, so we’ll be sticking to it for now.

The No-Poo Method, however, died a few weeks ago. I went two months strong with NO shampoo and NO conditioner  – a sheer miracle for this grease ball – opting instead for baking soda and apple cider vinegar washes as “shampoo” and “conditioner” respectively.

While I did find that my hair was fresh, clean, more voluminous and produced less oil, what didn’t work for me was the tangling issue. I have long, fine hair that’s been highlighted several times and has left my ends brittle and tangly. I gave it plenty of time and employed numerous methods to get around the issue (less baking soda, brushing my hair before showering, using the vinegar wash on all of my hair). It didn’t matter how much apple cider vinegar rinse I put in my hair, it just wouldn’t comb out. It was literally a 10-minute process just to get a paddle brush through all of my hair and even then I couldn’t get a brush from root to end.

Needless to say, the No-Poo method is a great, natural hair cleansing method for some people, it just isn’t for me. But the good news is my hair has still been producing noticeably less oil since starting no-poo and though I’m back to using traditional shampoo and conditioner (Pantene and Fructis) I’ve only been washing every other day, no exceptions. For now, I’m happy with this routine.

Another fun hair tip for my fitness friends? My friend Lisa told me that the day after shampooing, she just blow dries her hair after working out instead of washing it again. Even though your scalp is technically sweaty, the blow dry airs it out and freshens it up and even leaves your hair’s texture in a better state for styling. I gave it a try myself a couple times and must admit it works pretty well. For the most part though, I stick to shampoo/conditioning every other day (no matter how sweaty my scalp gets on the second day – hello top knots and messy buns!).

OK, onto the Oil Cleansing Method. I heard about this from Tsh at Simple Mom and was absolutely intrigued.

I’ve had mildly troublesome skin ever since my freshman year in college – oily skin, occasional breakouts, blackheads almost all of the time. Like most girls with similar skin issues, I’ve tried just about everything out there to stabilize my skin and keep it clear: Proactive, clean and clear, retin-a, Neutrogena washes, masks, scrubs, etc. The last method I tried was using sulphur-containing medicated wipes from my dermatologist. But realistically, I don’t want to spend the money on those wipes as they’re quite expensive, or pay for semi-annual trips to a dermatologist. Plus, they contain sulphur; I just don’t feel comfortable with that in the longterm.

So with that being said, I started using the Oil Cleansing Method about 2 months ago and have been faithfully doing so ever since. For a brief explanation of why using oil on your skin is healthier than soapy, chemical-based washes, read Tsh’s original post. Based off of her recommendations, here’s how I went about implementing the oil cleansing method into my routine.

Because my skin is on the oily side, I do a mixture of 2.5 Tablespoons castor oil (read about castor oil here and here) and 1.5 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. Then I add a few drops of tea tree oil as it’s supposed to help with breakouts. If you have drier skin, use more olive oil and less castor. Normal skin types should go for a 1:1 ratio.

At night on dry skin with my makeup still on, I pour about a teaspoon (quarter-sized amount) of oil onto my palm, rub my hands together and then start massaging it all over my skin and eyes. It’s important not to “scrub” and instead focus on gently massaging it all over your skin.

Next, I run a clean washcloth under hot (not scalding) water, ring it out, and quickly place it over my face and let it steam for about a minute. Then, I rinse and wring the cloth and proceed to gently wipe off all of the oil (and eye makeup) from my face. It should feel clean but not over-dried – you don’t need to go over areas more than once maybe twice.

Because olive oil has the same pH balance as human skin, it’s really an ideal moisturizer, meaning you don’t need to add any additional moisturizer after cleansing. If I have any trouble spots, I’ll dot the blemish with a little tea tree oil or Clean & Clear On-the-Spot Treatment with salicylic acid. This usually clears it right up.

Though it’s only recommended to do the Oil Cleansing Method at night and simply rinse with water in the morning, I work out most mornings and don’t feel comfortable going without washing before applying my makeup. So I lightly wash with Olay Total Effects 7-1 Anti Aging Blemish Cleanser followed by an oil-free moisturizer that’s supposed to help with breakouts that I found at Target. It’s a good routine for now and I have very minimal breakouts as a result. Plus, I feel like my skin has a bit more “glow” and dewiness to it, which I love.

To help with blackheads (which I tend to get in my T-zone) I simply use a baking soda paste. Every few days while washing my face in the morning with the Olay wash, I simply tap my finger in some baking soda a few times and dot it on my forehead, nose and chin. Then, I scrub lightly for about a minute, rinse it off and apply my moisturizer.

This little trick has helped keep my skin noticeably clearer even when I lean in close to the mirror to really examine my skin.

Sorry for the long-winded post, but I suppose there was much to say! If you have any questions, suggestions, tips or otherwise, please share them below! I always love hearing about what methods work for other people and how I can make improvements to my own skin care routine.

toodles, Dana


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this, I’m also prone to blackheads and somewhat oily skin. I am SO going to try this out :)

  2. Thanks for the tips, Dana! I am all about natural beauty. Have you ever tried coconut oil on your skin? I suffer from breakouts too and am willing to do anything to have clear skin. My derm put me on all this icky medication, like the sulphur stuff you mentioned. Also, where do you buy tea tree oil? Thanks!

    • Megan, I’ve never tried coconut oil as I fear it would be too heavy for my skin. But my friend said she uses it and really likes it! I got my tea tree oil at a local health food store, but you can also buy it online, I’m sure.

      • I just read on another blog that coconut oil is considered comodogenic (clogs pours) so people who are prone to blackhead might want to stear clear.

        • I use coconut oil as a face wash, then as a moisturizer. Love it!!!

      • You can get essential oils on Amazon for a reasonable price.

    • you can buy tree oil at Walgreens

  3. I’ve been doing a similar treatment for a few months and its helped tremendously!!
    Although I’d caution the brand of oil you have there, some say not for topical/internal use…I got some peppermint oil in that brand and after tasting it…and gagging…I read on bottle you can’t take internally. :-/ oops!
    I’ve found dōTerra brand is all safe for skin and internal..and I didn’t gag with the peppermint.
    But I use Jojoba oil to wash face, then after its wrinsed off with same method you use, put a drop of oil on cotton ball with 1-2 drops tea tree oil and blot all over face then rub it in, specially over problem areas.
    I’ve used tea tree oil from Walmart before and my boss thought I was smoking cigars cuz the smell..I don’t smoke!!
    But nobody has said a word about the smell on my dōTerra brand! ;-)
    Lavender oil on the face in the morning is really wonderful too! Helps heal scars. (My web page has more detailed description)… :)

    • Jeni, thanks for sharing! This is super helpful. I figured the brand of my oil wasn’t the best but I didn’t want to invest a lot in the beginning if I didn’t know whether or not it worked. But I’ll look up that brand and see what I think. Thanks!

  4. The only thing I can add to this is pay close attention to your skin. I washed with olive oil for some years and found that the gradually building irritation on my cheeks wasn’t acne, it was rosacea caused by an over population of demodex mites. (Demodex are part of the natural fauna of human skin) Even though rosacea runs in my family, it never would have gotten so out of hand without the mites freaking out over all the extra oil I was adding to my face. Now my face looks stupid and I hate it forever.

    • Crystal, thanks for the insight! I had no idea this could happen over time with olive oil – I’ll be sure to keep a close watch for negative reactions.

    • Just wanted to say to the girl with Rosacea: Mine cleared up significantly/almost completely by switching my diet to eliminate grains and most (not all) dairy. I also cleanse with a tallow/olive oil blend from and now have very few flare-ups. I used to use coconut oil, which I loved, but it didn’t seem to help the rosacea at all. Everyone’s different, but it might be worth a shot for you! Good luck!

  5. What about using argan oil instead? I’ve been using a similar regimen, and my oily, acne-prone skin is reacting well. My current oil cleanser is argan oil based, and I love everything except the cost. Any suggestions for an argan version? (And I really liked the baking soda tip. I’ll definitely be trying that one out!)

    • Thanks for the tip, Stacey! It seems there’s so many remedies out there it’s hard to know which one to choose. I’ve heard of argan oil but knew it was kind of pricey. I’m glad it has been working for you though!

  6. For the commenter above ^^^ coconut oil is comedogenic so I would avoid.

  7. awesome! I am going to give this a try! :)

  8. Dana i’ve been waiting to hear your results from the oil test so thanks for sharing! I was using an olive oil/apple cider vinegar “night cream” for awhile (just dabbing some on all over after washing) and was getting a lot of dryness and irritable skin around my mouth, which went away after stopping. I’ll try this though. And for hair issue–I’ve been doing baking soda for months now and loving it (I was it every 3-4 days and believe me, i’m an oily girl too!), and for a long time was just using leave in conditiner (TIGI CurlsRock) which did great for tangles. Granted my hair is much shorter than yours. Also dry shampoo (TIGI Rockaholic) is a life saver and gives an extra day of life and lift!

    • Thanks for sharing, Mandi! It’s always good to hear how other people do with these natural methods. It seems they work for some and not for others. Thanks for the tip on the leave-in conditioner! I think where I stumbled with that was, well if I’m using an “unnatural” leave in conditioner, why bother with using baking soda and vinegar for shampoo and conditioner? If that makes sense…anyways, though I like this idea because the tangling issue was getting OUTTA control but I’d still like to give it another try!

      • Hey Dana!

        Love your tips on your trials with natural cleansing methods! :) I’ve just recently started using the baking soda/vinegar hair cleansing method and didn’t expect at all to like it because 1) I have extremely oily, fine hair and live in extremely hot humid weather so my hair gets gross–fast and 2) because I adore how shampoo / soap foams and don’t feel clean if it doesn’t. Boy was I wrong! It’s been working perfectly and I’m shocked! To encourage you on your quest to use more natural products in your daily routine– I thought I’d give you a tip for your tangles!

        Get organic coconut oil (unrefined if you love the yummy coconut try scent and refined if you don’t)
        Apply to the ends/mid section of your hair and twist into a bun
        Put on a shower cap and hold a blow dryer over your hair on low for a few mins
        Remove cap and untwist your hair and run a detangling brush through it
        Do the regular “No-poo” washing
        Once you add the apple cider vinegar mixture to your hair, use a detangling brush to clear it out and twist it into a bun and let sit while you bathe
        Rinse right before you get out of the shower

        I’ve also seen it suggested you use honey instead of apple cider vinegar for more moisture.

        Hope this helps!

      • I too have been doing no ‘poo for a long time, and I have long, fine, oily hair that tangles easily. I use a wide-toothed comb when my hair is wet, starting at the ends and working to the roots. I use a regular, paddle brush to style, and I bought a boar bristle brush for my days between washing to help distribute the oils. The bbb brush is amazing and worth the money. It’s also helped my husband’s dandruff. I also joined a Facebook group for no ‘pooers and that’s helped me stick with it.

        I’ve done the oil cleansing method for a while also and use sunflower seed oil. I love the idea of adding tea tree oil. I use TTO for cleaning my house too.

  9. My hair is fairly fine and curly and prone to tangling, but I also have a very greasy scalp and forehead that was driving me crazy. I switched to the conditioner only method, being sure to use a silicone-free conditioner, and so far it’s working pretty well. I don’t brush my hair most days, as I am trying to encourage the curls, but I do use a wide toothed comb on it while I still have conditioner on and this works. Sometimes I still shampoo if I feel particularly yucky but not every time, and I think it is helping reduce the greasiness.

  10. Hi Dana, Thanks for the info! Just wanted to banish a little misconception about no-poo (as you mentioned it early on). The no-poo idea (from Deva’s ‘curly girl’ method) does not specify no conditioner and since most of us who follow this method have curly hair, believe me, we wallow in conditioner if we ever hope to have manageable hair!! :-) The trick is to not use sulfates (found in ‘normal’ shampoo) and to use conditioners with NO silicones (ending mostly in -cone, i.e.: dimethicone…). You need sulfates to wash out silicones, so if you stay away from ‘cones, you don’t need sulfates and can avoid the damage that they do!

    If you decide to try no-poo again, there are lots of silicone free and natural conditioners out there (Suave naturals conditioners are famous for this and super cheap, Tresemme naturals are nice as well, Giovanni makes a bunch with no ‘cones that are great…). Anyway, a bit off-topic, but just wanted to let you know the reasoning behind ‘no-poo’ and that it doesn’t exclude the use of silicone-free conditioner! :-)

  11. i found this info be very useful just wondering what the ratio would be for normal to dry skin. thanks

  12. I’ve been using the Oil Cleansing Method for 3 months now and am astounded at the difference in my skin. I’m a 42yr old mom and have ALWAYS had skin issues. Mine were mostly attributed to hormones and food sensitivities (I’m gluten-, grain- & night-shade veggie sensitive). Before kids I would have regular breakouts in my oily T-zone, but they were pretty consistent – I felt like I was battling them every month. As soon as I turned 40 I started having awful cystic breakouts on my jawline & neck that would last for weeks and were so painful. I feel like I have literally tried every product available, from Walmart brands to high-end, with no relief. A few weeks before Thanksgiving I got desperate and decided to go back to basics and try the Oil Cleansing Method. My husband thought I was nuts putting oil on what I thought was an already oily face. Turns out my poor skin was reacting to all of the drying out I was trying to do to the breakouts and going nuts overproducing. It took a few weeks for all of the inflammation to go down and to find the right combination for my skin but I am thrilled with how much better my skin looks and feels. Here’s what I do:
    1. In the morning I wash my face in the shower with the Olay ProX cleaning brush and a very gentle face wash called “Yes to Cucumbers” Soothing Gel. I take 5 min or so to make sure I use the brush all over, especially hairline, jawline & neck. Then I use 5 drops of pure Jojoba Oil as my face moisturizer (when I get out of shower).
    2. At night I have a bottle with a mixture of: 1T castor oil, 2T jojoba oil, 2T olive oil. I rub a quarter size puddle of it all over my face & neck and then use the ProX brush to really work it in. I wash off the oil with the Cucumber gel (my skin is so sensitive that the castor oil causes too much dryness if left on) and apply 6-8 drops of jojoba oil as my nighttime moisturizer.

    Every few days I don’t wash my face in the morning, just pat some cool water on & moisturize with Jojoba Oil.

    I wish I had taken before pics because I am amazed at how soft, smooth & glowy my face looks. My breakouts are minimal, and I treat any with a small amount of Tea Tree Oil at night and they are mostly gone by morning. My hyper-pigmentation, from acne scars & sun damage, has faded significantly as well. Once a week I also do a baking soda scrub which helps to slough away any dullness. I’m a believer!!

    • justine! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to give the jojoba a try tonight!

    • I am so encouraged by your response to OCM! I’ve had awful skin since my late teens, and I’m nearly 30 now. I’ve done everything to combat my acne from Proactive, systematically trying every acne cleanser in the drug store, dermatologists, RX topicals, hormonal birth control pills, to a 6 month round of expensive extractions, peels, and fancy cleansers with an esthetician I came across OCM last week and coincidentally got a free consultation with a different esthetician who was pro OCM. She let me know that my skin wasn’t oily, as I had thought for so many years! I have dry skin and my products were aggravating it severely! On top of all that, I have Celiac Disease, so I’m eating gluten-free, and I’m cutting my dairy intake and increasing my salmon I take as per Dr. Perricone’s skin cleanse. I’ve only been doing OCM for a few days, but I am shocked at the improvement in my skin so far.

      • Meagan, this is such great news! Thanks for sharing. My skin is oily with dry spots, so I too struggled with my complexion for years – oiliness, breakouts and the like. I still use OCM at night and have even started using coconut oil as a moisturizer with fantastic results so far. Hope you continue finding success with it!

  13. I have been using the oil cleansing method for several months now and find my skin looks younger and clearer than it has in years. I have been plagued by rosacea and this is the first time ever my skin has been blemish free. Nothing seems to get rid of the little spider veins, but the pain and embarrassment of the pimples has subsided. I use a 1:1 caster oil and organic apricot oil every night using the OC method.

  14. I have been using this method for about a month and I see a huge difference in my skin. Yay! I also change my pillow case every night to fight off those germs as well as put my hair up in a messy bun to keep hair oils out of my face. One more thing i do every few days is a honey mask. I use raw, unfiltered honey, slather it on, leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. All these combined really seem to be doing the trick! Oh…just so you all know I have acne prone skin, scarring and oily skin. Thanks Dana for sharing this!

  15. Hi there! Thanks for the advice! I get really stubborn black heads on my cheeks (parallel to the middle of my ear). I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of and prevent them; scrubs, masks, cleansers, facials, daily exfoliation, etc. with no avail. Removing them is just as difficult. They are so stubborn and using an extractor usually just irritates the area. I have combination skin so I’m a little worried the oil wash with leave me feeling too oily. Any suggestions for those super tough blackheads?

  16. How about using Almond oil? Anyone know about that?

    • I’ve heard of people using almond oil but haven’t tried it yet for myself! It is an option, however. If you have access to a local natural beauty store, perhaps they would be able to point you in the right direction based on your skin type.

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  18. Hi Donna,
    Is it common to start getting breakouts your freshman year of college? I just stumbled upon your post because I was looking for black head removal. I have had clear skin all of my life, but come my 2nd semester of college, all of the sudden I am breaking out on the side of my hair line, and a little around my nose – just found a couple blackheads. I will try your remedy if it doesn’t get any better. Thanks for your post!

    • That is a tough question to answer as everyone seems to deal with skin problems at various points in life for different reasons. Mine started in high school and have since evolved into a number of different issues into adulthood. And I have friends who had perfect skin like yours until college and then started seeing breakouts. With that being said, I believe the more natural you can go the better, but I’m not expert. I tried harsh detergents and prescription washes for a while but I felt it was too harsh for my skin longterm. (honestly, i think a lot of it has to do with hormones too, which birth control can sometimes help with). I plan to do an update post soon, but for now I’m doing the Oil Cleansing Method at night, a light natural cleanser for sensitive skin in the morning, and moisturizing with coconut oil. Hope that helps!

  19. I have tried the oil cleansing method and absolutely loved it. It was very time consuming with the website that I first found it on so I like how you cut the time down on the steaming process. I used to steam five times and it took a little time out of my night. Lately, I have been using local, organic honey with a smidge of baking soda and my skin has never looked better! I have struggled with breakouts my whole life and now I’m nearly breakout free! Kudos to honey! I guess it’s one of the absolute best things you can put on your face. I mosturize with coconut oil and it has also worked wonders for me! Thanks for you post!

  20. When you say baking soda paste, is that just plain baking soda? Or is something added to it?

  21. Late to the party, but I have been oil cleansing for about 6 months now and loving it. I have crazy sensitive skin, so the castor oil didn’t work for me. Instead I do a 1:1 ratio of coldpressed extra virgin olive oil and coldpressed organic virgin coconut oil. Toss it in a blender for a few moments and it will mix right up. It will turn clear in about 24 hours but stay mixed. I only do the method at night.

    I use straight olive oil for my eye makeup remover, running just a little across my face to remove my foundation and then I finish by rubbing aloe vera water/juice across my face. It doesn’t upset the PH balance and is cheap. I find that I only break out around season changes and my period and my breakouts are way small compared to how they used to be.

  22. I have mean shampoo free for a year and have been using soapnuts ( REETHA) based soap bar from eBay. Lather it in my hands, wash, and do an ACV rinse. Works wonders with almost no hairfall.

  23. Hey.. castor oil is excellent for hair growth aswell..I am using it for growing it right now. So if I use OCM wont it result in facial hair growth??

  24. I’ve been trying a 50/50 mix of castor oil and olive oil for almost three weeks and I am actually breaking out something bad! The big ugly kind. I understand it takes time to adjust, but has anyone else experienced this and for how long? I’m doing this method about 5 times a week at night. I also added tea tree oil because I have acne occasionally in certain areas (even in my 30’s! Ugh! Had bad acne as a teen then again it kicked in in my late 20’s) and I figured it could help. My face is horrible right now. Any advice? I’m dying here!

    • The brand of tea tree oil may not be suitable for topical use, melaleuca (tea tree oil) also comes in 2 types so check to make sure you are using the right one. I am a distributor for Young Living oils and am learning a lot about the chemistry of oils. I don’t know it all but if you want to discuss what I have learned I would be happy to talk it over.

      • Thanks for the advice Mandy! The brand I use is ‘Now’ and I’ve been told it was very good. I’m not sure which of the two that one is. Sorry it took me forever to respond-totally meant to get back to you weeks ago!

        • Leigh
          I looked up Now brand and two things concern me about it. First it was hard to find just doing a search for “now essential oil”. Second I looked up frankincense just to compare to what I know and an ounce of frankincense should never be that cheap, it takes way too much resin and time and other resources to make a Pure Theraputic Grade. But it does say it is diluted, I am thinking first they heavily dilute and second they use a quality of oil that is not good. Also it says not for internal use. If you have a good frankincense then you can use it internally. I only use their frankincense as a reference because I know a little more about it. The melaleuca doesn’t say anything weird on it other than it says “100% pure oil”, for me to use anything it would have to say 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil and not have a carrier oil in it. My oils are expensive but I know that for a .5ml bottle I am getting exactly what I want, nothing hidden. There is no regulation on EO in the US so the label can say anything. Sorry I am rambling I haven’t had coffee yet. Please let me know if you need more help.

  25. I have used only sunflower oil for this routine because I couldn’t find castor oil. My skin condition was good only a few tiny whiteheads popped up. I bought the castor oil few days ago and thought to give it a try. I have been using a mix of 20/80 of castor oil and sunflower oil for three days. My skin has more blackheads around my nose area and a few more whiteheads on my face. I massage my entire face for less than a minute every night. I wonder if I should keep trying? Will I end up having tons of blackheads on my face?

  26. I have recently (2 weeks ago) started the oil cleansing method, and so far I am not a fan. After hearing so many good things about it, especially from oily skinned people like myself, I am very disappointed with how things are going. I am currently in the throes of puberty, so I am very very oily and acne prone.

    I have been doing a mix of one part castor oil and one part jojoba. I didn’t add any tea tree oil or anything else because I also use this to remove eye makeup and I dontcwant to complicate things too much.

    Right now, my skin is looking pretty bad, and my acne is spreading to places it hasn’t been before. I have a pimple on my jawline, which had previously been spared and untouched by the curse (acne). I also see little bumps under e skin where I didn’t notice me before. The blackheads on my nose are turning into tiny red pimples.

    I really want this to work for me, so I’m asking if there’s anything I can do. I can’t really afford to buy anything else and I have tried experimenting with ratios, massaging less, massaging more. I have been making sure to get the oil off, and have been using a toner afterwards, along with aloe Vera and lemon juice on pimples. I even tried leaving honey on them overnight.

    Does this sounds like purging?? Or is this just not going to work for my skin??

    I have noticed my skin is a bit less oily during the day, and I can go longer without blotting and retouching my makeup. I really dont want to damage my skin, and I have a feeling this method might be doing just that.

    Thanks to anyone that answers.

    SIDENOTE: I know this is really long, just had a suggestion for your hair.
    I have the same hair type as you, and used to wash every day. I tried the no poo method and my hair would deranged, I was losing a lot more hair than usual, and it was dry and breaking.

    So I tried water only hair washing WO, and I’m LOVING the results. I did it for five weeks, but you might not need to do it that long. I was a greasy mess for most of the time, and I have hard water so it wouldnt work long term because of waxy buildup, but I balanced my scalp and healed my damaged hair really well. Now I only have to wash twice a week (seriously unbelievable for me). I use a natural shampoo and condiment by the brand of aubrey organics, and my hair has been awesomely shiny and healthy. I really recommend trying this if your having any issues with oiliness or anything.

  27. How can I use Egyptian magic skin cream alongside using the Oil Cleansing Method?
    I have been thinking about using the OCM for my face because I’ve heard alot of good things about it. I have cystic acne and constantly occurring blackheads. I have used egyptian magic before and it helps with my scars or damaged skin so I was using it recently to help with some damaged skin. How can I incorporate the cream into my daily skin regime if I were using it with OCM. As a night cream or included int he cleansing oils? If i use the oil cleansing method wouldn’t I need to let my skin breathe at night? and the Egyptian magic is too greasy to use at day time and I cannot use it with my sunscreen. Or should I just not use egyptian magic whilst trying OCM? I can’t find anything about it on the internet except one comment on makeupalley about someone who’s using them both and it works like magic. But I clearly don’t know how or in what order.

  28. the cure for acne is hidden in the oil cleansing method….. i’ve been doing it and actually getting results. plus it doesnt dry you skin or feel harsh or anything. THERE IS ALSO OIL MOISTURIZING….. so you dont have to moisturize with those chemical filled products…. you can read about it here:
    its simple, economical (some essential oils, if u choos to use them can be pricey but since you use so little of them…. they will last you forever… so … economical), and most important…. EFFECTIVE. (oil is the source of acne… the only way to stop you skin from making oil … is to give it oil)…. oil cleansing method and then oil moisturizer. try it…. it will scare you to put oil on your acne but you will be amazed by the results.

  29. Hmm I’ll have to try the baking soda paste on my blackheads! I’ve been no-poo for 7 months now and I switched from using baking soda to only using a honey & water mix. I found it’s helped the dandruff that suddenly cropped up, smells nice, and I didn’t get any tangling. To condition my hair I use a teaspoon of mayo and one egg mixed..let it sit for a few minutes and rinse, hair looks amazing afterward. On that note, I have Portuguese hair…imoossibly thick, prone to frizz, and wavy/curly

  30. Hi hunn I just want to stop quick and say brushing you hair when is horrible for your hair!! Switch to comb or pic just for when your hair and trust me you qill tart to notice a difference :]]

  31. I know that going “no poo” takes a lot, but one thing I’ve found that a lot of people do that I know (being a curly girl and trying hundreds of different ways to tame my tresses) you still need to use a conditioner. No-poo means just that. No shampoo. But you still need to use a conditioner – just look for one that is sulfate free it will save your hair and scalp so much!! If you want to go fully no poo which Ive tried and lets just say, my hair hated me for doing that, but you can also just do a weekly deep moisture. Coconut oil is my absolute favourite! All you do is warm some up in your hands and put it all over your hair (not down to your scalp though) and tie it up in a bun or braid and let it soak up for a few hours or do it over night! and in the morning shampoo it off!

    I would HIGHLY recommend going completely Sulfate free! It will take about a week, two at the most for your hair to get used to not having the chemicals but it is such an amazing difference afterwards!!!

  32. Thank you dana, I cant wait to try this, Wish I would have stopped at the market on the way home!


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