Recent Eats.

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Is the title self explanatory? I thought so. Let’s do this thang.



A lunchtime mexican salad with spinach, an entire green bell pepper, onion, carrots, black beans, and a dressing of light ranch mixed with hot salsa. OLE!



Colorado peaches are BOMB right now. Go to the store. Buy like 24. Put them in a reusable grocery bag. Drive home [or bike if you’re trendy cool kid]. Slice one open. Consume immediately. DO as I say NOWWWWWWWW.



This smooothie may look like asphalt, but it’s not. It’s a mix of almond milk, flax and chia seed, spinach, mixed berries and a giant dollop of peanut butter. Yerms.



Probably still my fave breakfast. Two slices of toast, one with flax and a runny egg, and the other with TJ’s crunchy peanut butter, flax, banana slices and agave nectar. Mmmmmm, I’m drooling all over this again. Tomorrow’s breakfast? I think yes.



Round, lucious bloobies {hee hee}. Antioxidants for. the. win.



Taco salad with spinach, tons o’ cilantro, black beans, salsa, sarr cream, sliced cheddar cheese, a wee bit of hot sauce and Late July multigrain tortilla chips for scooping.



Probably my favorite lunch as of late : )




Angela’s zucchini bread oatmeal. Vegan, lots of fresh zucchini, cinnamon and a sprinklette of brown sugar. This may look odd but it WASN’T. And the second I spooned some crunchy peanut butter into the mix, things got steamy. Wow wow wow wwowowowowowowow.



Anudder smoothie! I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately. Breakfast, lunch, 3 o’clock snack, cravin’somespinachhardcoretime. whatever the occasion, I’m smoothie-ing it up.



This one had 3/4 frozen banana, frozen strawberries, chocolate whey protein powder, 2 handfuls spinach and 1 cup of almond milk. It kept me satisfied for hours AND quieted the temper tantrum my sweet tooth was throwing. waaa. Double score. Double win. Success.

And this has been RECENT eats. Thank you for joining us, ladies and 3 gentlemen. Be sure and check back next week for another edition of Recent Eats ‘where ordinary eats are nowhere in sight – guaranteed.’ G’night!



What’ve you been eating on lately? Any current food obsessions? SMOOTHAYSZ.

What are you doing today? OH MY GOSH you guys I get to go to Kansas City with John and see my sister and little nephew, Cameron. Go ahead and try and tell me he’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Go ahead try, I dare you.

{squeal!} love him to pieces!






  1. Those smoothies and oatmeal look amazing!!!

  2. i’ve been having tons of oatmeal! and fro yo, of course. can’t seem to get enough of that :) i have my first day of work today! nervous but exciting. it’s going to be a mad house since the state i live in is expecting the hurricane, so everyone’s stocking up on food. should be interesting…

    and that baby is…too. cute. for. words. OHH MY GOSH!

  3. Oooh I love him to pieces, too! Give him a squeeze for me! I bet his cheeks are getting (have already gotten?) chubbier. Lovve babies.

    Also, yesssss for CO peaches. They rock right now. I just inhaled one this morning, and I have sticky fingers to prove it.

  4. I love that you said that smoothie looks like asphalt. It cracked me up!

    Hmmm…I’m lovin’ on some monkey bread I made last night. August is almost over, are you going to eat some sweets soon or continue holding off? If you do, I recommend making monkey bread…

    BTW, I totally make “Mexican” dressing by mixing ranch and salsa together – so good!

    • Ugh, I can’t decide on the sweets thing! I haven’t had any for so long at this point that it’s tempting to continue! But on the other hand I really miss dark chocolate and ice cream. and froyo. and cake. Errggg, don’t know what to do!

  5. What a cute baby!!!!! awww! have fun!

  6. Everything looks deliciously fresh!!! Even the asphalt smoothie lol :p

    1. I’ve been loving fruits a lot lately! And I dunno… just lots of freshness :)

    2. Today I am continuing to apply for jobs for when I move up to NYC (did I just say that outloud?)… kind of :p mwahaha. Anyyyway, I always want to take a spin class later on tonight, and I plan on taking my dog out for a jog very soon.


    p.s. I’m not sure if you can see this when you write your posts, but for some reason the images have been very large. This post is fine, but the other posts have very large images. Just thought you’d like to know :)

    • Yes, thanks for letting me know! In Google Reader they show up big but on the actual site they’re proportioned correctly. Hope this doesn’t make it too difficult to follow! I may have to tinker with it later on :D

  7. Ahhh ok :D lol Google Reader is a silly thing sometimes :p

    p.s. can’t wait till you share your granola recipe!!! I use to make a different batch every week during my last semester at college. I think when fall starts to set in again I’m going to start making batches again. The smell when it’s baking is so comforting :)

    • Yes, the smell of granola baking is INTOXICATING. and sorry about the google reader confusion! I hope it doesn’t make reading the blog difficult for you : )