Monday Workout Video.

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Hey there! I’m glad you all enjoyed my “9 Ways to Have a Better Monday” post this morning. If you missed it, be sure and check it out. You can always apply the tips to “having a better Tuesday,” too.

I kind of anticipated that some people might be coming back from spring break and have an especially hard time getting motivated this morning. So I think it was the perfect remedy for the Monday Blues.


My morning started off on the right foot. I got up early, did a quiet time of reading and prayer, had some coffee and then made myself an egg fiesta for breakfast.

‘Twas delicious. I like feeling productive before the clock strikes 8 a.m. Makes me feel more accomplished for the day.


After my food settled, I went to the gym and put in a really good workout. First, I did my Monday lifting circuit, which is 3 times through my back, bicep and shoulder routine. Rather than just listing what my lifts were, I thought I’d make things easier and do a video for you. Visuals are always helpful in my opinion. So here ya go! Excuse any awkwardness. It’s inevitable.


I realized after I watched the video that I forgot to do one of my shoulder moves, which is just a traditional shoulder press. But you probably already know what that is. And if not, just ask and I’d be glad to include that in my next video on Wednesday.

After my weight routine, I ran 4 miles and it felt really good! I know that’s no great distance, especially compared to Miss Janae. But I was so pleased because my knee didn’t give me any issues for the first time in months and it was just a good run in general. I love days like that, when your body seems in sync with your mind. So refreshing.


When I got home I showered and then devoured a PB and J on one slice of bread and a small glass of almond milk, which went unpictured because I was ravenous. Lo siento.

But I did make a semi-respectable lunch shortly after my sammy. I threw together a quick salad of romaine lettuce, red onion, granny smith and gala apples, craisins and roasted sweetened almond slivers.

Seriously, the almonds make this salad.

To prepare them you simply sprinkle about 1/4 cup of raw slivered almonds into a small skillet over medium to medium high heat. Watch them closely and be sure to shake the pan so they don’t burn. After a couple minutes they’ll start to toast up. When they turn a nice brown color, sprinkle in about 2 tsp. of sugar and stir to coat. The sugar will melt instantly and coat the almonds, giving them a nice, sweet crunch. DEE-lish. Best salad “crouton” in the world, in my humble opinion.


Don’t worry. I wasn’t gonna leave you hanging in the weekend eats department. Last night, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, John and I had pizza and ice cream for dinner and it was awesome.

It’s usually our Sunday routine to order take-out pizza and watch a movie, or “Psych” like we’re doing right now. And what a lovely routine it is, especially on the chilly night that it was.

Yes we got snow, but it was only an inch. Nothing to complain about.

While John went to pick up the pizza (from Pizza Hut), I did my job of getting out plates, forks, napkins, parmesan cheese and red pepper flake. We like a little spice on our pie.

And I also got the computer ready for sitcom watching. That is key.

John got home a short time later with the pizza pie: thin crust with pepperoni on one half for him, and light cheese, extra sauce and all the veggies on the other half for her.

It was friggin’ delish. I even muttered “I’m in veggie heaven” while chomping my way through the first piece. Pizza Hut knows how to make a pizza in my books. And it’s pretty darn affordable too, which I’m definitely a fan of.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget dessert. John had a bit more studying to do so after we got things cleaned up, I ran out to get our blizzards.

I probably looked like a crazy person standing out in the snow at the oldest¬†Dairy Queen known to man which only has a walk-up window. Hey, when you like ice cream, you make sacrifices. And since I’m kind of an ice cream freak, I’ll gladly stand outside in the freezing cold for it. Gladly.

I ordered the Mister a snickers blizzard and I went for my favorite: banana cream pie.

The whipped cream on top may or may not be one of my favorite parts. I even try and eat around it for as long as I can to make it last longer. Yes, I am ridiculous.

I was going to get a mini blizzard, but since it was my weekend treat I went for a small. You only indulge every so often, right? So make it count.

The small was perfect. It left me just satisfied enough. I was a happy girl.

Well, that does it for me. I’m just enjoying a homemade soy latte before I get started cooking dinner.

I think I’m going to make my zesty light chicken alfredo for two tonight because I’ve been craving it today for some reason.

Are you an alfredo fan? I think it’s so tasty. Even though it’s kind of a comfort food, I don’t feel too bad about eating my lighter version. It has way less calories and only a fraction of the fat – just the way I prefer it.

Alright, I hope you have a great night and I look forward to seeing you back soon! Oh, and thank you for all your great advice on my hair dilemma! I’m keeping my appointment and am going to get my highlights tomorrow afternoon. So the next time you see me there’s a good chance I’ll be blonde :D. Wish me luck!









  1. Not an alfredo fan, but I’d be all over that DQ Blizzard :D

  2. Lots of great food! I could go for a blizzard right now :)

    I like alfredo, but definitely prefer lighter versions of it now–I’m not sure what it would do to me if I ate a traditional version!

    Good luck with the hair…

  3. Girrrrl I am loving your blog!! :)

    • oh my gosh, I have been loving on your blog, too! I just got done looking at your recipes page a little while ago and was seriously impressed. Can’t wait to follow along from here on out.

      Oh, and can I steal your hair? It’s perfection.

  4. Love me some alfredo, girl! I am curious about this recipe! I will have to come back tmrw and scope out the goods! Love the video! I think video blogs are my fave thing right now! I love seeing bloggers personalities come alive in their videos, plus they are just fun! :)

  5. Thanks for the workout vid!! I love seeing others strength routines, it helps me to switch mine up! I also LOVE the picture in the backround of the spice pic! Is that a canvas wedding picture? If so, super jealous!!

  6. oh my gosh…i need a blizzard. for real.

    thanks for the workout routine idea – i’m getting my butt back in gear tomorrow. i need to get back into a routine badly.

    love you lady!!!

    • Oh what I wouldn’t give to have my friend Lauren by my side today eating a blizzard with me! Love you too lady!!

  7. You are inspiring! I started a beach camp last month and have been working on my upper body and lunges. Walking dogs as usual and keeping up on my yoga stretches. I am thinking healthier eating more and more! Thanks dear niece!

  8. I haven’t had a blizzard in ages and am now craving one so badly. When I return home in May (I’m currently studying abroad in Rome), I’m going there straight away! hehe.

    P.S. Your recipe for chicken alfredo looks great — i love that it’s comfort food AND light :) thanks, girl!

  9. Loved the video! I need to start lifting again. You’re an inspiration to Shae and I :) Love ya!