La Francaise French Bakery – Breckenridge, Colorado.

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Take this down as necessary advice.

If you ever come within a 50 mile radius of Breckenridge, Colorado, turn your car toward La Francaise Bakery – a quaint little French bakery on the main strip of Breckenridge that boasts two genuine French chefs and one French pastry chef – a team that produces some of the best made-from-scratch French fair you’ll ever lay your lips on.




Trust me. I know the staff. I ask these things. I’m that annoying customer who wants to know the detailed history behind the business and how they make the Chocolate Croissant every morning before sunrise.

After being there multiple times in our now three trips to Breckenridge, the staff anticipates John and I’s order as we walk through the door.

Dang it feels good to be a regular.



The pastry case is breathtakingly beautiful, loaded with everything from cinnamon brioche to apple and almond croissant to fresh meringue. It doesn’t matter what you order – everything in that shiny little case is off the charts amazing.



The menu is pretty straight forward.

You have your breakfast items, savory crepes, sweet crepes, lunch items, and then beverages on the far right. I would personally recommend the egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwich which comes on fresh baguette, and at least one of their pastries.



John and I have a little routine when we go in. He places our order while I gawk and gasp at the pastry case and take pictures of unsuspecting customers and staff. We then corrall at our table and wait patiently for our food to arrive.



This is one of the owners. From what I was told she and her husband moved to Breckenridge in 2004 to start this little Euro cafe because they both liked to ski and saw a hole in the market for it.

I’m so glad they found that hole. So, stinkin’, glad.



Although John and I normally stick with large coffees and cream (which they steam into the drink), they also serve up tasty confections like this frilly, mint-chocolate looking latte. I bet you that thing has a day’s worth of calories but the recipient likely does not care, because if they’re anything like me I’d let them hook me up to a butter IV if they recommended it. I trust the couple running the place that much.



My husband is the cutest. He has a blog. You should totally read it.



Oh look it’s me and my crazy top knot sipping French coffee. Wi wi!

And oh look. It’s the best breakfast sandwich to ever pass my lips! No lie!



Here we have a freshly-baked baguette, perfect in every aspect. Split in half and stuffed with buttery omelet-style eggs, high-grade swiss cheese, and petite-sliced salty ham. Oh my dear word. This is the epitome of what breakfast should be.

And in France, it apparently isn’t breakfast until you indulge in something sweet. Ours came in the form of an apple croissant.



This pastry makes my world come to a stop as I savor every bite. The crust is perfectly flaky and buttery, the custard layer is rich and slightly sweet, the apples are reminiscent of freshly baked apple pie, and the glaze on top pulls the whole thing together with a sweet, sticky finish.

This is pastry perfection.


So now do you believe me? Take heed my advice, friends. You, your stomach, your soul, needs this place. If you’re ever in the Breckcnridge area, do yourself a favor and stop by. It will have you coming back for more for years and years to come. It’s quickly become John and I’s little sweet spot, not just because it’s where we spent our first few days as husband and wife back in 2010, but also because the food is some of the best we’ve ever had.


Consider this Part 1 of my Breckenridge recap. Part 2 is on its way. See you soon.




  1. Breckenridge is the cutest town in the USA, period. I also love Estes Park!

    • Same here! Estes is a gem!

    • Have you guys ever been to Beau Joes pizza in Fort Collins? Their crust is AMAZING…and they serve honey with it for dipping! (the crust, not the pizza part)

      • Yes! I have been there! The honey with the crust thing is AMAZING!!!

  2. That mint latte stole my heart…would love to try it!

  3. Oh my word, that place looks amazing! I love french sweets and would surely devour that flaky apply pastry! Délicieux.

    Looking forward to the rest of your recap :)

    • You said ‘oh my word’! Haha, That made my heart glad : ) Thanks for saying hello! More recaps coming soon : )

  4. Oh, my!!! I wish they would open a location in Rose Hill!!! Yum!! And…lovely pics, as always :)

  5. Dana! How heavenly! I think I need more french pastries in my life. Good riddins, girl. If this was the start to your day on vacation, I already know that you had an incredible trip. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the details!

    • haha, it was a blast indeed. Stay tuned for more chubby girl eats! :D

  6. That bakery is.. so beautiful. And pretty close to ME!! I haven’t been out of Denver much since we moved to Colorado!! It’s tough with Kevin in grad school – he has homework all weekend. Can’t wait for him to be done in August!!

    You two are so cute!! I love your plan for maneuvering a bakery!!!

    • Yes, a plan is necessary in a bakery of that caliber. John and I have our routine all kinds of nailed down : )

      And I totally recommend that you and Kevin make it out there! It could be a little romantic getaway, even if just for a day : )


  7. Pastry perfection? Sounds like my IDEAL WORLD.

    That apple croissant just looks so wonderfully indulgent and delicious. I can almost taste it looking at that photo. Speaking of which, your photos, as usual, are gorgeous.

    I wish I could take this bakery, and set it down next door to my house. I’d get fat, in fact very fat, but it would be so so worth it.

    I think my absolute adoration for pastry is the strongest part of my French side!

    • If I lived in the same STATE as this bakery I’d become fat – VERY FAT – so fast it’d be scary. Ha ha!

  8. I think I might have to make a special trip to Breck for this place…like this afternoon. Love the top not picture of you. :-)

    • good call, katie. I think the hubs and little one would love it : )

  9. I WANT TO GO!

  10. Holy Cow, that apple croissant………………….

  11. This is totally going into my Yelp bookmark! Thanks for the write-up

  12. No one does a pastry like the French :) Love you updo!

  13. I was very disappointed with this bakery. I ordered a loaf of Brioche Bread. Should have asked the price before I picked it up. They charged me $25 for one (1) loaf. Yes, one loaf. They are very arrogant. They may be able to act this way and charge these prices in France but let’s not bring this behavior to America. I recommend purchasing Brioche from Whole Foods.


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