I spy with my little eye…

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Something sweet.

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Something adorable.

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Something powerful.

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Something tempting.

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Something I’m reading.


Something I’m craving more often.

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Something I bought.

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Something I’m making tonight.

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Something I need to make again. Soon.



Something beautiful.

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Something that makes me smile.



Something I devoured.

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Something I’m craving.


Something I could eat daily.



What made your day today?

What foods/flavors are you craving most right now?

Favorite ice cream flavor. Vanilla or coffee.



See you soon,







  1. Vanilla coffee ice cream? Can I do that? :)

    I got a summer job today. That really made my day.

    Miss you!

    • A summer job! Ooh, where? Do share the details.

  2. What made your day today? Working at a coffee shop instead of at the office

    What foods/flavors are you craving most right now? I just ate ice cream, so now I’m craving something salty…popcorn, perhaps?!

    Favorite ice cream flavor. Vanilla if there are sprinkles on top…otherwise mint or reeses pieces ice cream.

    • Yes, vanilla WITH sprinkles. I should’ve added that :D.

  3. Such a great post! I may have sat in bed eating Ben and Jerry’s at some point today! My excuses are that I was tired and a little sore from a massage and I’m leaving my apartment for about 2 month on Friday and I need to clean out the fridge:)

  4. We are way too alike….I am craving the same things and those donuts…I am drooling. Girl, you are SO gorgeous. I am coming over for dinner!

  5. Fun post! I LOVE coffee flavored ice cream and I’m craving Mexican!

  6. I really want you to do a guest post or something on my blog – your posts are the BEST! Not exaggerating.

    1.) My best friend coming over to cheer me up.

    2.) Cereal. Grape Nuts Flakes is my favorite.

    3.) Chocolate.

    • You’re so sweet! Of course I’d love to do a guest post. Just email me and let me know when and what you’d like me to write about. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  7. Great photo list!

    Today was my last day of nutrition class, and my students were all great and told me how much they liked my class. Totally made my day!

  8. Loved this post.

    Today I won a giveaway so that was pretty sweet and being that it was a Monday, it wasn’t that bad. I have two weeks left of school!

  9. Vanilla, no question!

    Something that made my day today? I made 80 new best friends when I brought homemade cupcakes to my sister’s middle schoolers :)

  10. You’re making the creamy caprese pasta? My tummy did a little dance when I saw her post it. Send your leftovers. ;)

    I scream for coffee ice cream! Mmmmmm. Please and thank you.

  11. LOVING THIS POST! I have those same chocolates too …..and they will soon be gone ;) haha