Gnu Natural Snack Bar Review & Giveaway!

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If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I’m all about snacking. Usually healthy, sometimes not so much. But when it comes down to it, I really love finding new nutrient-rich foods that keep me full without packing on the poundage. So when GNU Natural Foods contacted me to do a review of their Flavor & Fiber Bars, my answer was a resounding ‘yes!’



Gnu bars are a healthy snack that pack 12 g of fiber into each, 130-140 calorie bar, and ach bar is made with delicious, all-natural ingredients and are available in more than eight adventurous flavors like carrot cake, cinnamon raisin and chocolate brownie. All GNU bars are vegan except for the Blondie, which contains milk powder.

Just in case you were wondering where the “GNU” comes from, the name was inspired by the African Gnu that has an ox-like head, mane of a horse, and horns of a buffalo. It looks unusual from the outside, but inside it functions beautifully – as does the GNU bar.



Another thing I love about GNU bars? They’re a small company that’s committed to making all-natural foods that help address specific nutritional needs and health conditions. And in light of the American obesity epidemic, their all natural bars are just the type of healthy snack we should be all eating, and especially giving to our kids.



I was shipped one box of 16 bars – 2 of each of their 8 flavors – and have been extremely impressed by all of them! The peanut butter, chocolate brownie, blondie and carrot cake were all delicious, and none of them left me feeling hyped up on sugar or unsatisfied in my hunger. They were just the right amount of protein and calories a snack should provide, but were so delicious it was like a having a special mid-day treat. (my little sister-in-law Bethany loved them, too. )



Here’s the awesome news – GNU bars is offering to giveaway AN ENTIRE 16-bar case to one reader in their choice of flavor! How rad is that? To enter simply leave a comment telling me why you’d like to try GNU bars. Extra entries are granted for:

Liking GNU Bars on Facebook.
Liking My Little Celebration on Facebook and Twitter.
Tweeting, Facebooking or blogging about this giveaway with a link back.
(leave a separate comment for each entry)



One winner will be picked next Monday. Good luck!




  1. 12 grams of fiber for under 150 cals, in such delicious sounding flavors? … I’m impressed and would love to try them!

  2. I’d like to try GNU because I take a granola bar with me to school everyday for a snack, so I’m always on the lookout for a new one to fall in love with!

  3. I like MLC on both fb and twitter!

  4. I liked GNU bars on fb!

  5. I’d love to try them because of the crazy high fibre content, I’m addicted to fibre, in a healthy way obviously lol

  6. I liked GNU bars on Facebook

  7. I’ve never heard of these!
    I follow you on twitter.

  8. I like MLC on facebook

  9. I liked my little celebration on Facebook

  10. I tweeted the giveaway!

  11. I followed My little celebration on twitter

  12. I usually head straight to the gym after work, these bars sound like the perfect snack to have on the way to give me energy and tide me over until I make it home for some dinner! I would be ecstatic to try them out!

  13. I would like to try them because of the fun flavors!

  14. I would love to try them because I’ve never heard of them!

  15. I “liked” your blog on facebook as well.

  16. I’ve tried Gnu bars in the past, and I loved them. Dying to try the new flavors!

  17. I like Gnu on facebook already

  18. I already follow My Little Celebration on facebook and twitter :)

  19. As a busy student I always have a snack bar of some kind in my backpack for a quick energy boost when I need it. I love trying out new natural bars that are made from wholesome foods, and aren’t just candy bars in disguise like many granola bars! The GNU bar flavours sound delicious and I hope to try them!

  20. I would like to try GNU bars because I am an avid snacker who is trying to lose weight and keep it off once it is gone. I need a great snack that can help me do this. Right now I try ODWALLA and they are about 200 calories. So the GNU bars could def help. Thank you.

  21. I Like My Little Celebration on Twitter.

  22. I Tweeted about this giveaway with a link back.

  23. I don’t really like alot of “traditionally” healthy bars. So I’m excited to try GNU and find something that I like.

  24. I liked GNU on fb

  25. I like MLC on fb

  26. I’m very active and sometimes need a quick energy boost, so these would be perfect! I’d love to try them.

  27. I just love cereal / or energy bar snacks. So yummy and healthy!

  28. I am always interested intrying a new healthy snack bar, they are a regular part of my diet during the week.

  29. I liked GNU bars on FB!

  30. I’d like to try the GNU bars because I’m looking for a new snack bar for the mid-afternoon!

  31. I liked MLC on FB!

  32. I love snack bars and would love to try GNU bars!

  33. I like GNU Bar on FB!

  34. Carrot Cake sounds amazing, these bars all look great!

  35. These Gnu bars would be amazing for my mom and I. My mother doesn’t have much of an appetite, so she needs snacks that will give her the nutrients she needs. Also, I’m going to college soon, and I know I’ll need healthy alternatives to “Insomnia Cookies” and “California Pizza”.

  36. I liked Gnu Foods on Facebook.

  37. I liked My Little Celebration on Facebook.

  38. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  39. I want to try these because they fit right into a healthy lifestyle!

  40. I would love to try these. I am on Weight Watchers and am always looking for items with high fiber content.

  41. I’d love to try these, I’m a granola bar addict!

  42. hey dana,

    well, i am a wellness addict and love to sample everything healthy and new to me….. im always on the lookout for healthy treats and ive never tried these!

    thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  43. i liked you on fb!

  44. i liked gnu on fb!

  45. I have been in a snacking rut lately and therefore would love to try these!!

  46. I like My Little Celebration on Facebook

  47. I like GNU Bars on facebook

  48. Already like GNU on FB!

  49. Already like you on FB!

  50. I would love to try GNU because I already know I need more fiber – this would help get my daily total way up!

  51. Just tweeted!

  52. win

  53. Banana Walnut bar?!!?!?! I’m in! I’d love to try:)

  54. I would like to try them because i am also snacky and Love bars, but it is hard to find healthy&delicious bars in Latvia!

  55. I need some BARZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! anything that’s healthy, simple, and not sugar loaded sounds like perfections to me!

  56. I love GNU bars! I haven’t been able to have one for awhile now, but I recommend them to all my friends who want to boost their fiber content or are just looking for a great bar to try.

  57. I “like” MLC on Facebook!

  58. I liked Gnu on FB! I’ve only had the chocolate brownie, would love to try the other flavors.

  59. I love these bars! i have found them in the past in Marshall’s and would love to enjoy them again!

  60. I would love to try the Espresso Chip flavor. I usually go for the fruitier ones but that looks delicious, and would definitely help me cut down on my coffee habit (which is hurting my body…and my wallet!)

  61. I also “liked” Gnu Foods on Facebook!

  62. I “liked” My Little Celebration on Facebook as well! :)

  63. Lastly, I posted a Facebook status about this giveaway! Can’t wait!

  64. I’ve only found the chocolate, orange cranberry and raisin one in the stores here, so finding out about more flavors is exciting. I buy these for my teens, trying to instill a bit of healthy into them!

  65. I would like to try them very much because they sound delicious! I have read about these bars before but I am unable to locate them in my area. I really hope I win so I can finally discover how good and wholesome they are!

  66. I’d love to try these because I love desserts, so I’m always looking for something a little sweet but healthier.

  67. I follow you on Twitter.

  68. Being pregnant with my second baby, I would love to have a healthy snack to grab during the day when I’m hungry…which is all of the time!

  69. I like you on fb!

  70. I liked GNU on fb!

  71. Hi Dana,

    I’d like to try these bar because they are convenient for car rides and at work


  72. Ohhhhh, these sound delish! Now that I’m working out a lot more, I need some more variety in the snacks I bring with me to work and these bars would be perfect!

  73. I would love to try these because any time I am eating something, one of my children ALWAYS asks to have a bite. How fun to pretend I am getting these just for me when really I WANT to share them with the kiddos. Yummy+ Healthy= A winning snack bar!!

  74. I’d like to try them because all of the flavors sound like dessert!

  75. I haven’t tried all the flavors yet but would love to

  76. My husband is vegan (I’m about 5% away from being vegan) and I think these would be great to try. We’re always looking for a healthy snack! Also, these would eliminate my need to do late night baking when I could be sleeping. Our 4 & 6 year old girls would LOVE to try these as well. Mmmmmmmm.
    We think the name is sorta cute also. Reminds me of Gary Gnu from the Great Space Coaster.
    We would be extremely excited to receive this product and begin snacking.

  77. My mom has dementia and her go-to snack of choice is always, “CHOCOLATE” I’m trying to find healthy solutions to her sweet cravings. She’s the greatest mom and I bet she’d love these — as would my partner and I!

  78. I liked My Little Celebration on FB – I would have eons ago but just stumbled on your wonderful blog!

  79. I like Gnu’s page with bars and other products on Facebook! Thank you for this!

  80. I would LOVE to try these!! If I could I would eat no meals – just snacks – at least this way a few of my snacks would be healthy!

  81. I’m needin’ some Gnu Bars
    cuz I’m goin’ on a hike
    gettin’ outta them cars
    and gettin’ on my bike

    I’ll use ’em for the energy
    to make it up the hill
    I’ll use ’em for the fiber
    to make my tum feel fill

  82. I always like to try new energy bars and compare them with my ultimate favorite one

  83. I liked you on Facebook

  84. I followed you on Twitter

  85. And I retweeted your post about this giveaway, you can see it on my twitter page @lilysheng

  86. I want to win because I’ve never had gnu bars! And Lord knows I need more fiber in my diet ;)

  87. I’d love to try these because I take a fiber or protein bar to work with me every day…and I love that these have SO much fiber and other good-for-me stuff!

  88. I’d love to try these because it’s hard to find a vegan bar with good nutritional stats.

  89. Oh my gosh- GNU bars would make my day. I never ever ever win any contests I enter, so perhaps this will be different… :)

  90. I am always looking for quick and healthy snacks! I am a nutrition student and am often on the go and I get tired of just snacking on nuts and vegetables. These favors sound amazing and I would love to try them and recommend them to fellow students and clients in the future.

  91. I also liked your page on FB.

  92. i just might have to try some before next monday…

  93. AAUHH YEEAUUHHH GNU BAR YEEAUUHHHH! the carrot cake one sounds legit-skees! I would eat that animal style…face first. Look ma no hands! lol

  94. I liked GNU on fb! briana platano shwagg morena

  95. I liked your blog on fb too!

  96. I followed you on tweeter lol my twitter in @platanoshwagg

  97. Wow! JJ wrote a song. I cannot compete with that!
    I’ll just cross my fingers.

  98. These sound yummy. I’ve never seen before though.

  99. I likes gnu on FB

  100. I love these bars they fill me up for hours and i cant wait to try the rest of the flavors!

  101. I’d like to try GNU Natural Snack Bars because as a aspiring dietitian, I would like to offer healthy delicious snacks to future clients to enjoy! In addition, all natural foods is important for our health and provides as a quick snack for on the go occasions!

  102. I just tweeted!

  103. I want to try them because they sound delicious! :)

  104. I like Gnu Foods on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  105. I like My Little Celebration on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  106. I live on bars but I’d like to try this high fiber version. Thanks!

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